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The Kindness Challenge

Study Guides, Follow Up Questions, and More…

Someone the Students LOVE!


An Example of a Photo of a Staff Member

During Victor's presentation, Victor shows people in history that were kind, responsible, respectful, etc. The third image he shows is someone from your school. This can be a teacher, principal, nurse, etc. Please send the photo (PDF or JPEG) to [email protected].

(Elementary/Middle School – Presentations and Snowflurry) *Please Note: This guide is a basic template only. Many schools have Victor customize his presentation based on what the school is focusing on throughout the year.

Study Guides & Victor’s Original Song, Let’s Do the V!

The “Kindness Challenge” Study Guide + Follow Up Questions - After the presentation remind the teachers to use the follow up questions in class with their students.

Victor's Bio - It’s necessary that a familiar face introduce Victor to the audience at each presentation. Here is an example Victor’s bio. Feel free to give it to the person who will be doing the introductions. Victor will have a copy with him just in case! Let’s Do The V! - Here's a copy of Victor's song. Feel free to share this link with your students.