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Childhood Victories Inc is one of the most sought after companies  on the topics of sexual abuse or Erin’s Law for children. Victor Pacini, the founder of Childhood Victories Inc, understands the delicate nature of abuse. Not only is he a survivor of sexual abuse, but his sister was murdered in 2001 due to domestic violence. His dynamic Erin's Law curriculum has been delivered to over 850,000 children and parents.  He’s been referred by school administrators as, “The most unique and effective presenter of sexual assault awareness.”

He is the author of Winning Within, There’s Only One You, Be Seen and Heard (Erin’s Law Content), Your VOICE, My Dreams, and has recorded two music CD’s. His ultimate goal is to help children and parents increase their knowledge and awareness about the topic of sexual abuse and domestic violence. He does this by delivering it from a fresh and positive perspective. This perspective skyrockets self-confidence and increases the parent-child connection without being disingenuous and insensitive.

Victor has teamed up with some amazing people that are presenting the Be Seen and Heard© program as well as other topics to audiences everywhere.  Click here to learn more.



ERIN’S LAW MANDATE Being FULFILLED with Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Curriculum In YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT.

FACT: Every 6 Minutes A Child Is Sexually Assaulted In The United States

FACT: Erin's Law, House Bill 6193 was signed by Governor Pat Quinn on January 24, 2013.

FACT:  This law requires schools to implement an annual age-appropriate sexual assault and abuse awareness and prevention curriculum for grades pre-K through 12.  It recommends four communications through the school year. It expects School Staff to be Mandated Reporters.

Childhood Victories, Inc will be in YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT HERE at SCHOOL NAME HERE ON DATE with the Be Seen and Heard© curriculum that fulfills the  Erin’s Law mandate.   This sexual abuse awareness and prevention curriculum delicately delivers the information needed to fulfill this mandate and more importantly educates the children. 

Victor Pacini, the founder of Childhood Victories, is a survivor of sexual abuse, an author, song writer, singer and motivational speaker. His team will be assisting our schools in implementing this mandate. His curriculum is developmentally appropriate, interactive, and aligned with learning standards. He has presented in front of over a million students and parents in numerous districts in Illinois and nationwide. He has been endorsed by the Illinois and National PTA organizations.  He is proudly partnered with WINGS, Kansas PTA, Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center and Northwest CASA.
Childhood Victories covers many aspects of life and each curriculum is delivered in a fun and entertaining way. From Be Seen and Heard© to resiliency education, Childhood Victories offers live presentations, online licensing, and live stream options. 

“I was incredibly impressed with how you tailored the content to the various grade levels. And even though the subject matter was so serious, you made it fun for the kids while getting them to really think!" Teacher, Northbrook

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