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Cynthia Lauletta

Meet Cynthia -
A once career focused college graduate turns to alcohol and drugs for fun on the weekends. Weekends turn into weekdays and then to everyday.  At 31 years old, after a decade of alcoholic drinking, drug abuse, lost jobs, friends and almost her life – she finds herself at a 12 step meeting fighting to get sober and stay sober. Cynthia has been in recovery for over 15 years and has created an amazing life for herself. The mother of 2 daughters, she is the Head Coach of a gymnastics team and runs her own program.

Still attending meetings, working the steps and giving back, she’s bringing her experience, strength and hope to students to give them the knowledge of what to do if they too should find themselves in her shoes.

Inspirational and powerful… A story that every young adult should hear. Making the decision to choose recovery, leave the old life behind and really start living.

Cynthia is available to present on the topics of Resiliency, Overcoming Adversity, and Drug and Alcohol Prevention. Ideal for High School and College. (Travels from Illinois)

For Booking Inquires, call 888-667-2370 or email [email protected]