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The Art of Dabbling

I love to be creative. I use it a lot in my work as a national public speaker; I can be off-the-cuff when necessary, play off my audience, and even get kids to have fun while learning about a difficult topic. 

But I will never limit myself to creativity in my professional life. A very special friend of mine once said, "You dabble in everything. Art, sports, hobbies, genres of books...you're a dabbler, friend." She couldn't have been more right. I love to take my energy and turn it into something. Whether it's learning how to make necklaces, or wood burn designs into a wood picture frame, or (in my most recent dabble) watercolor. Acrylic has always been my go-to but, well...UGH I dabble. I love to learn something knew and write about my feelings or thoughts that were provoked by someone else's words. 

I see dabbling not as a distraction but another form of my healing. I am not limited, I don't want to master it all. I want to try every thing, read as much as I can, and show others they can do it too. 

So...What do you dabble in?