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Please Welcome Dawn Kohler!

This week on our Healing Every Day podcast we welcomed Dawn Kohler. Honestly, it was fantastic! She shared a bit of her story, how she has navigated her own journey of healing, and what she does today to live in the moment and even inspire others. 

Towards the end, Dawn shared about an organization she partnered with to help girls, women, and those who identify with girlhood. Here an an excerpt from the podcast that I found particularly profound:

"One of the main teachings of Step Up is what do you need to do to be who you already are? And I love that because it says, who you already are is inherently good, inherently valuable. You have something to contribute to our humanity. Let's just figure out what you need to do to be that. Become who you already are. You don't have to compensate. There's nothing. It's just like, "Let's develop who you already are." And that's been the core of everything I do. Let's develop who you already are."

As a partner on the podcast, I have a unique opportunity to intimately reflect on the content these amazing guests share with us. I read through the transcripts, write blogs, and spend extra time connecting to what someone like Dawn brings to the world. Hearing, "What you already are is inherently good, inherently valuable" struck a chord with me. I have a pattern I've been working on since 2015 when I began a deep dive into my healing. "I am bad. I am wrong. Everyone will see it." I am adding Dawn's words to my list of positive affirmations to unlearn what I was taught so long ago. 

To anyone on their healing journey with us, you are inherently good. You are deserving of love, light, and happiness. We are are developing who we already are. And who we are is VALUABLE.