“Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.” ~ Anonymous

5 Reasons Why You Need to Help Your Students with Special Needs Find Their Voice


Be Seen and Heard© for Students with Special Needs

Be Seen and Heard© for Students with Special Needs is a multi-module program that uses simplified and adapted hands-on materials, along with communication supports that allow for students with special needs to learn about the dangers of abuse.


Creators of the Be Seen and Heard© Online Curriculum for Students with Special Needs

Special Needs Teacher and Social Worker

Childhood Victories, Inc. has collaborated with social worker, Natalie Shamie LCSW, MSW, and special education teacher, Marcy Rossi M.A.Ed Special Education and NBPTS. Be Seen and Heard© for Students with Special Needs is a multi-module program that uses simplified and adapted hands-on materials, along with communication supports that allow for students with special needs to learn about the dangers of abuse. Songs and stories, using repetition and familiar language help students differentiate between safe and unsafe touch.  The term “sexual abuse” is not used in this foundation program.


Childhood Victories Inc.

Our unique ability is to create and deliver in person, live stream, and online curriculum that gives students essential body safety tools and strategies.  Delivering the appropriate curriculum to the right audience is crucial for a successful experience.  By doing this, we help children develop their self-worth while learning valuable life lessons. 

Our Be Seen and Heard© (Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention) curriculum has generated over 450 student disclosures.

By combining Natalie and Marcy's expertise with students with special needs and the creative way Childhood Victories delivers uncomfortable topics, this partnership makes for an unforgettable learning experience.



"Let us reach out to the children. Let us do whatever we can to support their fight to rise above their pain and suffering. "

Nelson Mandela

Some of the Learning Objectives of the Be Seen and Heard© for Students with Special Needs Online Curriculum

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Key Points of the curriculum as it relates to Social-Emotional Learning

“We define social and emotional learning (SEL) as an integral part of education and human development. SEL is the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions”. (CASEL)

While your students engage in the recommended curriculum to meet the Erin’s Law state mandate, they are also learning in-depth competencies to develop their Social-Emotional Learning skills (SEL)            

  1. Topic of staying safe works on self-awareness SEL
  2. Topic of safe vs unsafe addresses social awareness SEL
  3. Topic of Personal space addresses relationship/decision making SEL 
  4. Topic of speaking up addresses relationship skills SEL
  5. Topic of tools and 4 rules addresses elf-management SEL

Lesson 1- Body Parts

 Self-Awareness SEL Goal: Students will identify and label body parts while identifying which body parts are their private body parts.                                   

Lesson 2- Who’s allowed to touch

Self-Awareness/relationship skills SEL Goal:  Students will identify who can and cannot touch their private body parts. Additionally, how do these people keep them clean, healthy and safe                         

Lesson 3- Safe Touch

Social Awareness SEL Goal:  Students will identify Safe Touches and how they make us feel. Additionally, students will work on a thumbs up, indicating safe actions

Lesson 4-Unsafe Touch

Social Awareness Goal SEL Goal:  Students will identify unsafe touches and how they make us feel. Additionally, students will work on a thumbs down, indicating unsafe actions. Students will begin working on the importance of telling an unsafe touch.  Students will compare safe and unsafe actions and the emotions connected to each.

Lesson 5-Safe Secrets

Social Awareness/Relationship Skills SEL Goal:  Students will be introduced to safe secrets and examples of safe secrets and the feelings they explain.

Lesson 6-Unsafe Secrets

Social Awareness /relationship skills SEL goal:  Students will be introduced to unsafe secrets and the feelings and emotions expressed with these.

Lesson 7-Trusted heroes

Relationship skills/Social awareness SEL Goals:  The term “trusted hero” will be introduced. Trusted heroes will be identified. Students will be able to identify who is a trusted hero to them

Lesson 8-Personal Space

Self-management/Relationship skills/decision making SEL goal:  Students will expand on these topics to look at personal space. “tic tac no go” will be introduced.

Lesson 9-4 rules of body safety 

Self-management/ relationship skills SEL Goal:  Students will identify the 4 rules of body safety while using self- advocating skills to say “no” and go tell someone you trust.

Lesson 10-Review

Self-management/ relationship skill SEL goal:  Students will review all the lessons by Listening to or reading Victors BSH SN English/Spanish book. The Tic-Tac-No-Go© music video will help the students recall information as well.




We Work Together!

All you have to do is facilitate the online modules which include having conversations with your students. We provide the direction, confidence, and the capability to make this collaborative effort a success!

✓ Full access to the 8 online video presentations and activities that create effective formats for teaching and raising awareness, along with follow up questions. These high energy videos are designed to go at your own pace. Each video offers follow up questions that encourage repetition of the material.

✓ Full access to the communication boards and social stories

✓ Email and telephone support from the creators of the program

✓ Full access to the Be Seen and Heard© for Students with Special Needs e-book

✓ Full access to the Teacher and Parent Videos

The Following PDF’s:

✓ Be Seen and Heard adapted e-book for every student

✓ The Curriculum Roadmap for teachers

Adapted Trusted Hero Promise

Adapted Trusted Hero Poster

✓ Other Motivational Posters

✓ The 4 Rules To Staying Safe

✓ The Opt Out Letter (template that’s customizable for your district)

✓ Protocols for Reporting Sexual Abuse form for teachers

 A SAFE AND ENGAGING ENVIRONMENT – Children learn to identify and label body parts and Private Parts (bathing suit rule).  They will also learn the difference between safe and unsafe touch and the feelings associated with these interactions.  

A PERSONAL STORY – Children learn about a boy’s personal experience with abuse and how he kept it a secret. Safe and unsafe secrets are discussed and how unsafe secrets are not healthy to keep in any situation come alive in the story.

TRUSTED HERO© LESSON – Students identify the people in their lives that they trust and can turn to in any difficult situation. Helps students realize that these people can be trusted and are tools to be used for protection and help.  

STUDENT EMPOWERMENT – Children will have a voice in who they are, the confidence to speak up, and the awareness to recognize a potentially dangerous situation.



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