“What if EVERY child were free from sexual abuse and exploitation — and ALL children could grow up feeling safe and loved?”~Reclaim 13

13 Facts About Human Trafficking and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Understanding the path into sexual exploitation is the key to protecting vulnerable children.


Free From© Exploitation & Trafficking Online Curriculum

Childhood Victories Inc. and Reclaim 13 have partnered to create a powerful curriculum with one goal:  To equip children, parents, and educators with information they need to both be aware of sexual exploitation and to protect children from the cycle that potentially leads to further victimization and trafficking.

Below is a clip from the Free From© curriculum.  What is human trafficking? Where does it happen?  How does it happen?


Reclaim 13

13 IS THE AGE when a child is most vulnerable to sexual exploitation. “RECLAIM” is what we do. We reclaim the lives of children impacted by sexual exploitation

Reclaim 13’s mission is to end the cycle of sexual exploitation. This cycle begins in an individual’s life, and without intervention, continues into the next generation. Most trafficked children were sexually abused, neglected, or received other forms of maltreatment as children. Once abused, a child is more vulnerable to further abuse and, potentially, exploitation. Child sexual exploitation has potential long-term consequences in the life path of survivors, including vulnerabilities for intimate partner violence, further abuse, and involvement in damaging relationships. Reclaim13 intervenes in this cycle and works toward a world where all children can grow up feeling safe and loved.


Childhood Victories Inc.

Our unique ability is to create and deliver in person, live stream, and online curriculum that gives students essential body safety tools and strategies.  Delivering the appropriate curriculum to the right audience is crucial for a successful experience.  By doing this, we help children develop their self-worth while learning valuable life lessons. 

Our Be Seen and Heard© (Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention) curriculum has generated over 540 student disclosures.

By combining Reclaim 13's expertise on the topic of exploitation and the creative way Childhood Victories delivers uncomfortable topics, this partnership makes for an unforgettable learning experience.


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"Let us reach out to the children. Let us do whatever we can to support their fight to rise above their pain and suffering. "

Nelson Mandela

Understanding the path into sexual exploitation is the key to protecting vulnerable children.

Some of the learning objectives for Middle School and High School

Defining Exploitation and Trafficking

What is Sexual Exploitation?

Where does Sexual Exploitation occur?

Recognizing Family Disconnect

Understanding Exploiter's Tactics

Tactic - "False Promises"

Raising Bystander Awareness

Increasing Confidence and Awareness

Test Drive The Curriculum


We Work Together!

All you have to do is facilitate the online modules which include having engaging conversations with your students. We provide the direction, confidence, and the capability to make this collaborative effort a success!

  • Free From© online experience offers video modules and download supports that your facilitators will find very easy to navigate.
  •  Each facilitator will receive their own username and password.  These modules are designed to go at the facilitator's pace.  There are follow up supports to help reinforce the key messages.
  • Online support from Childhood Victories and Reclaim 13

To contact us: [email protected]


  • What is Exploitation and Trafficking?
  • Where does Exploitation and Trafficking occur?
  • The importance of self-worth and self-respect.
  • Identifying support systems - and why they are important and necessary.
  • How traffickers fill personal voids and trick people into trust.
  • Control Tactics of Traffickers - How exploiters/traffickers use weaknesses to gain trust to get closer than normal; and use that to slowly gain control and manipulate a person.
  • Unhealthy Relationships - Warning Signs.


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